Help Ministry (H/M)

Help Ministry (H/M)

Help Ministry The Helps Ministry has its origin from Bible as stated in 1 Corinthians 12:28 “and God has placed in the church, first for all, apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then miracles, then gifts of healing, of helping, of guidance, and of different kinds of tongues”. Helps and government were part of ministries set up by God to provide a supporting role in the church. He chose the Levites, in the Old Testaments and in the New Testament, He chose the Helps. It is just as important to God as the ministry of the pastor. Therefore,the Ministry of Helps is specifically in place in the local church to lend practical aid and support to the pastor.In view of this, the Help Ministry has the following divisions in The Throne Room AG

i. Protocol

The protocol unit of the ministry of helps is responsible for:

  • • Developing rules that border on church etiquette and enforce it
  • • Serving all ministers and guests who will visit the church with extreme
  • professionalism
  • • Ensuring orderliness and quietness in all church services
  • • Greeting people at the door as they arrive for service and when the service is over
  • • Helping people with special needs such as using the washroom and first aid
  • • Assisting in collecting the offering
  • • Standing by to answer visitors’ questions
  • • Escorting people to the appropriate Sunday School class
  • • Checking, after church that all things have been placed at their appropriate
  • places, and to collect and keep missing and found items
  • • Assisting with all alter duties such as alter calls, preparing the tables for the Lord’s Supper and so on.

ii. Security

Security This unit is also a very important arm of the Ministry of Helps. The security unit is responsible for:

  • • Providing security around the church facility, and the parking area to prevent
  • vandalism, theft, and other wrongdoings.
  • • Leading or getting people to safety in an orderly manner in case of emergency
  • • Checking if all electrical installations have been duly turned off
  • • Managing chaotic scenes professionally
  • • Informing the pastor or the appropriate person for any urgent matters
  • • Examining and reporting on all church facilities for safety issues • Providing for emergency procedures.