Christian Education (C/E)

Christian Education (C/E)

This ministry, so-called the department of Christian Education, is under the leadership of a pastor or a matured and experienced Christian. This department comprises other ministries such as Counselling, Sunday School, New Convert School, Care Cell.

i. Counselling Unit

The counselling unit provides counselling for all forms of cases as they arise. These include marriage counselling, counselling for bereaved spouses, counselling for disabled parents, social issues, educational and carrier counselling. The marriage counselling covers counselling for yet-to-be couple, people re-entering marriage, and post marital counselling. Where necessary, the counselling unit organises counselling for individuals who come to the church and are engaged in unacceptable biblical marriage. Although we do not wish the death of our members or anybody death, however, is part of our lives as stated in Ecclesiastes 3:2. Therefore, the counselling unit also provides counselling for bereaved members to mitigate challenges that will arise from the loss. Where applicable the counselling unit provides counselling for drug addicts, prostitutes, domestic violent victims, armed robbers among others. The unit also counsels members who are physically challenged, parents with disabled children or children with disabled parents. They counsel them to accept the condition so that they do not think of it their situation as a punishment from God, or being a curse. The counselling unit will also ensure such people or their affected relations serve God without discrimination, rejection and in freedom. Since a fulfilled life is a life lived on purpose, the unit also embarks on educational and carrier counselling to assist our young ones organize their lives in line with the purpose of God for their lives. The unit counsels JHS and SHS children to assist them with the choice of the programmes in the next level of their education. Members of the counselling unit also spend time with our graduates to prepare them for the social world.

ii. Sunday School

SLOGAN: Sunday School! RESPONSE: It Is My Business! It Is Your Business! It Is Our Business! The Sunday school is an essential disciple-making strategy for the church through the effective teaching of biblical principles for godly living and ministry. These teachings are presented systematically after a set curriculum by spiritually matured teachers of The Assemblies of God, Ghana. Sunday School is, therefore, an evangelistic, missions and a church growth strategy. The Sunday School department also provides a platform for individuals to use their gift of teaching to teach others sound biblical doctrine. The Throne Room organises the Sunday School in accordance with the Assemblies of God, Ghana model. The class teachers always develop innovative ways to teach their classes.

iii. New Convert Class

The new convert school is a specialised class organised for people who have received the new birth in Christ. This is where we teach the basic doctrines of the Christian faith. It is organised in accordance with the Assemblies of God, Ghana model.

iv. Care Cell

The care cell is the interface between the church and the community. It is a home group that provides the opportunity to share God’s word with the members in the family and the community. Membership of the church is known through the cell system.