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Jesus! Friend of Children
Protect a Child! Preserve a Family
Children! We are the Future Leaders

Assemblies of God, Ghana have the call and vision for reaching out to the lost including children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Children Ministry is important to God, and for that matter, the church. It presents an important opportunity to impact the future of children. Therefore, ministry to children, both inside and outside the church seeks to meet the spiritual and other needs such as physical, emotional, social or mental.


For this purpose, the children Ministry is major field for maintaining and providing continuous church membership, developing interest, shepherding, mentoring, growing young and enthusiastic children for life and ministry, engineering hope and confidence among the children for the future and providing a platform for the development of talent to feed the church. These can be achieved through:

  • Maintaining a sound biblical foundation for the children
  • Maintaining an interesting and lively Sunday school class devoid of fear and intimidation
  • Using creative methods and materials (costumes, visual aids, puppets, storytelling, drama, role play, peer teaching) in teaching children.
  • Evangelizing the children in the community through events like children’s rally, vacation bible/academic school, children’s concert, films, and videos, and to some extents, sports.
  • Organizing bible clubs or Goodnews Clubs for children
  • Ensuring discipline, obedience, and respect among children
  • Instituting a visitation plan to monitor the progress and behaviour of the children at home
  • Creating age division or groupings for effective teaching and monitoring