Teaching Online Safety to Kids

Online Safety is the ability http://www.dataroomllc.com/applications-for-profound-performance/ detect online threats and to understand how to protect yourself from them. This includes safeguarding your personal information while avoiding malware, as well as recognizing illegal or harmful content.

Cyber safety is essential for students, who are increasingly spending their time online. They must be aware of the potential risks to their privacy and security such as cyberbullying or identity theft. They should also know that careless or reckless Internet actions can have severe consequences. For example an New Hampshire politician lost his job due to inappropriate images and comments about his opponents on social networks.

There are many ways that can go awry in the course of shopping, playing games, or just chatting with their friends. It’s simple to click on a malicious link in an email, a text message, or even an online advertisement, which can cause your device to be infected with malware. Once an inappropriate or embarrassing comment, image or video has been uploaded, it is nearly impossible to get rid of.

Teachers can utilize a variety of stimulating activities to help students learn more about the dangers of cyber-safety. For example, having students create digital comics about a scenario that involves the dangers of cyberbullying, or meeting a person in person whom they met online could spark discussions in the classroom about these topics and foster critical thinking and media literacy skills. Students can also be taught about cyber safety by writing an imaginary article.

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