We all have different stories. We all have our own backgrounds. At The Throne Room AG, the King of kings is always in His Throne Room providing help. Therefore, we are passionate about meeting diverse groups of people find a common story in Jesus Christ. So, no matter what your church background is, we welcome you to come in and find your new story and destiny in Christ at The Throne Room. We say, ‘Looking for The King…., Find Him in His Throne Room. Shalom and may the Lord bless you.


Since the church is the body of Christ with a divine order to carry out the great commission, the vision of this local assembly is to raise a first class church in all aspects according to God’s Holy scripture by providing strong leadership and prudent management principles to His church, and the community as well as preparing a people whose priority is the sinner; a people who are saved and ready to be raptured or to be with the Lord at any time; a people with a high sense of commitment and dedication to God; a people who are ready to bare the torch of Christ at all times as well as a people who will demonstrate God’s love and compassion for the world.


In a corporate spirit, we are committed to carrying out the vision of the church and providing a platform for the exhibition of one’s talent within a theologically sound and prayerful environment.


In furtherance of the vision and mission of The Throne Room Assembly of God Church, the church shall follow these objectives:

  • • Teach sound biblical doctrine and guarding against savage wolves from preying on the congregation.
  • • Provide a conducive atmosphere for worship, fellowship, and the nurturing of gifts and talents of people especially the youth.
  • • Maintain and raise competent leadership for compliance and the development of effective ministry through purposeful leadership training organised periodically.
  • • Maintain strong and dynamic departments to promote effective Bible Studies, prayer, and spiritual up-lifting.
  • • Inculcate the habit of love, giving, support, commitment, volunteerism and dedication.
  • • Raise faithful and godly people through strong mentoring and discipleship programmes.


Christian Education (C/E)

This ministry, so-called the department of Christian Education, is under the leadership of a pastor or a matured and experienced Christian. This department comprises other ministries such as Counselling, Sunday School, New Convert School, Care Cell.

Men's Ministry (M/M)

The Men Ministry is the backbone of the church. In The Throne Room, the Men’s Ministry is responsible for maintaining a stable church by:

  • • Ensuring a stable and a cohesive family
  • • Ensuring a formidable Men’s Ministry
  • • Initiating and maintaining a strong financial presence in the church
  • • Embarking on rigorous evangelism
  • • Establishing a strong prayer base Our ultimate goal is that men in the church would be seen as role models and mentors for the entire membership of the church. The Men’s Ministry play leading roles in every activity of the church. This department comprises other ministries such as Royal Rangers.
    • SLOGAN: Men! RESPONSE: Action! Action Now
  • Men

Women's Ministry (W/M)

The Women’s Ministry is an organized group of women of The Assemblies of God, Ghana and is responsible for uniting the women in the church for Christian service according to the principles and doctrines of the church. The Women’s Ministry meets together in the church to study the word of God and to pray. They also help the needy in the church and in the neighbourhood, as well as visit the sick. They also undertake personal evangelism and take the word of God into homes in the community. As a key arm of growth in every church, the Women’s Ministry plays a major supporting role in the church. Therefore, the Women’s Ministry is responsible for maintaining a stable church by:

  • • Ensuring a stable and a cohesive family
  • • Creating the avenue for church growth
  • • Creating a formidable channel for evangelism
  • • Creating a strong prayer support base for the church
  • • Providing the platform for raising future leaders
  • • Empowering the women in the church through sound biblical teachings
  • • Providing economic and social empowerment for women in the church
  • • Mentoring younger women in the church
  • • Serve as role models and mentors for other women and young women. The Women Ministry plays a supervisory role over all other women groups in the church such as Young Women in Action (Y’s), and the Missionettes
  • SLOGAN: We Minister RESPONSE: We minister as unto Christ
  • Youth Ministry (Y/M)

    The Youth Ministry of the Assemblies of God, Ghana is known as “Christ’s Ambassadors” (CA’s). They are young members of the Church between the ages of 13-35 years. The Youth meets at least once a week to promote the spiritual, physical, social, and emotional well-being of the members by providing opportunities for worship, fellowship, training, and evangelism. The Youth Ministry is the major work force of the church with the responsibility of maintaining a lively and spirit filled church. The Youth Ministry ensures church growth and also the future stability and security of the church. These can be achieved through:

    • • Maintaining a sound biblical foundation for the youth
    • • Ensuring a stable and a committed youth
    • • Creating lively and well-informed youth
    • • Embarking on rigorous evangelism using all appropriate tools for evangelism.
    • • Establishing a strong prayer base
    • • Creating the platform to identify, nurture, practise, and grow talents
    • • Putting in place comprehensive programmes to develop tomorrow’s leaders
    • • Promoting educational and carrier excellence among the youth
    • • Protecting the youth in the church from external aggressors and slipping away into the world
    • • Generating interest in ministry and spiritual things
    • • Ensuring the maintenance of the pastor or pastors
  • SLOGAN Christ for all! RESPONSE All for Christ!
  • Children Ministry (C/M)

    Assemblies of God, Ghana have the call and vision for reaching out to the lost including children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Children Ministry is important to God, and for that matter, the church. It presents an important opportunity to impact the future of children. Therefore, ministry to children, both inside and outside the church seeks to meet the spiritual and other needs such as physical, emotional, social or mental. For this purpose, the children Ministry is major field for maintaining and providing continuous church membership, developing interest, shepherding, mentoring, growing young and enthusiastic children for life and ministry, engineering hope and confidence among the children for the future and providing a platform for the development of talent to feed the church. These can be achieved through:

    • • Maintaining a sound biblical foundation for the children
    • • Maintaining an interesting and lively Sunday school class devoid of fear and intimidation
    • • Using creative methods and materials (costumes, visual aids, puppets, storytelling, drama, role play, peer teaching) in teaching children.
    • • Evangelizing the children in the community through events like children’s rally, vacation bible/academic school, children’s concert, films, and videos, and to some extents, sports.
    • • Organizing bible clubs or Goodnews Clubs for children
    • • Ensuring discipline, obedience, and respect among children
    • • Instituting a visitation plan to monitor the progress and behaviour of the children at home
    • • Creating age division or groupings for effective teaching and monitoring
  • SLOGAN Jesus! Friend of Children Protect a Child! Preserve a Family Children! We are the Future Leaders
  • Help Ministry (H/M)

    The Helps Ministry has its origin from Bible as stated in 1 Corinthians 12:28 “and God has placed in the church, first for all, apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then miracles, then gifts of healing, of helping, of guidance, and of different kinds of tongues”. Helps and government were part of ministries set up by God to provide a supporting role in the church. He chose the Levites, in the Old Testaments and in the New Testament, He chose the Helps. It is just as important to God as the ministry of the pastor. Therefore, the Ministry of Helps is specifically in place in the local church to lend practical aid and support to the pastor.

    Prayer Ministry (P/M)

    If water is the source of life for fish, prayer is also the essence of the Christian life and the lifeline between the believer and the heavenly father. Emphasising on the importance of prayer through the life of the whole church, the prophet Isaiah states “My house shall be called a house of prayer” (Isaiah 56:7). This verse was again quoted by Jesus Christ in what is called “The Cleansing of the Temple”. The purpose of the Prayer Ministry is to actively encourage and promote prayer within the life of the church. No church or ministry can grow and do well without a strong prayer force. The spiritual life of the church is determined by the depth of its Prayer Ministry. Jesus, even though was God, could not do away with prayer.